High quality machined parts since 1992

At Odenthal Mfg., Inc. we have been providing the highest quality machined parts since we began in 1992. It has always been our focus to deliver parts that have very good surface finishes and are machined to exact specifications. Just pick up one of our parts and you immediately can see the difference between our parts and the competition.

We feel that it is important that your parts are not only machined to print, but that they are aesthetically pleasing as well. We achieve this goal by buying only the highest quality endmills, drills, and other hardware. And when you combine those tools with state of the art machining centers you get exceptional results!

Parts are inspected visually and with our many different measuring tools. First article and production inspection reports ensure that all of your parts will be made to print from beginning of the job right to the end of production. All inspection equipment is maintained routinely, and calibrated annually to ensure that we get the right measurement every time.
"I have been working with Odenthal Mfg. for the past nine years. Most of our jobs have required tight turnaround times as well as extremely tight tolerances with emphasis also on cost reduction through modern machining techniques. We've never been disappointed with the parts we have David and his crew build, as being a customer who depends on a chain of people following through with what they promise. We are very pleased as Odenthal Mfg is one of our closet partners."

Tim Lamb